Automobile Dealers Accounting Software
Automobile Dealers Accounting Software
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This program is available in two versions: Full & Compact

Both version fully live up to your expectations of cost effective, professional and reliable business computing for your enterprise.
Full Version with barcode module

HiTech Financial Accounting for Brokers

Modules : Parties, Transactions, Payroll, Accounts, Bar coding, User/Menu Administration & Utilities
Low Priced Compact Version Without Bar coding, Employee/ Payroll, User Menu Administration Module. Check Full details at the given link.

HiTech Financial Accounting for Brokers (Compact)

Modules : Parties, Transactions, Payroll, Accounts & Utilities
* Please see program website at HiTech Financial Accounting for Brokers to get full details of what is excluded in the compact version. Customized business solution for intranet or internet are available.
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Menu Structure of

HiTech Financial Accounting for Brokers

Hitech Financial Accounting for Brokers
---- Parties
-------- Customers
-------- Customer List
-------- Customer Current Balances
-------- Suppliers
-------- Supplier List
-------- Spplier Current Balances

---- Transactions
-------- Bargain Record
-------- Bargain Regsiter
-------- Receipt & Other A/C Entries
-------- A/C Entry Register
-------- Make New Bill
-------- Bill Book
-------- Edit / Delete Bills
-------- A/C Entry Extension
-------- Entry Book Extension
-------- Make New Debit / Credit Note
-------- Debit / Credit Note Book
-------- Voucher Entry
-------- Payment Voucher
-------- Receipt Voucher
-------- Journal Voucher
-------- Sales Voucher
-------- Purchase Voucher
-------- Edit / Print / Delete Vouchers
---- Employees
-------- Employee Record
-------- Employee List
-------- Attendance Register (Day wise)
-------- Attendance Register (Time wise)
-------- Overtime Register
-------- Employees' Work / Leave Summary
-------- Sanction Loans and Advances
-------- Monthly Salary Statement (Day wise)
-------- Monthly Salary Statement (Time wise)
-------- Make Employees' pay slip
-------- ESI Reports
-------- EPF Reports
-------- Month wise ESI / EPF Payments

---- Accounts
-------- Set Up Accounts
------------ Set Up Account Heads
------------ Chart of Defined Accounts
------------ Trading / P & L Account Setup
------------ Balance Sheet Setup
-------- Journal (List of Vouchers)
-------- Bill wise Sales / Purchase Vouchers
-------- Cash Book
-------- Bank Book
-------- Multi column Cash & Bank Book
-------- Bank Interest Calculations
-------- Ledger
-------- Trial Balance
-------- Accounts Receivables / Payables
-------- Daywise Account Balances
-------- Current Account Balances
-------- Control Account wise Trial Balance
-------- Accounts Analysis
------------ Mothwise Business Indicators
------------ Month wise A/C Balances
------------ Periodic Account Movements
------------ Transactions in Accounts
------------ Compare Account Heads
------------ Cash Flow - Movement of Cash
------------ Funds Flow - Assets Vs. Liability
-------- Accounts Tools
------------ Reindex Voucher Numbers
------------ Merge Account Heads
------------ Locate Transaction Amount in Ledger
------------ Update Ledger
------------ Do Reposting Of Ledger
-------- Fixed Assets Chart ( Half Yearly )
-------- Fixed Assets Chart ( Yearly )
-------- VAT Return
-------- Month wiseTrading & P/ L Account
------------ Trading And Profit And Loss Account
------------ Month wise Balance Sheet
------------ Balance Sheet
-------- Consolidated Company Accounts
------------ Consolidated Ledger Accounts
------------ Consolidated Closing Balances
-------- Close the Financial Year
-------- Create next financial year without closing accounts

---- Utilities
-------- Set Up New Company
-------- General Configuration
-------- Close Current and Open another Company
-------- Log on with a different user name
-------- System Administration
-------- Perform Data Test
-------- Back Up / Restore Data
-------- Export Active Window Grid to Excel
-------- Enable / Disable Background Image
-------- Enable / Disable Program Colour Setup
-------- Change Toolbar Icons
-------- Cascade All Open Windows
-------- Tile All Open Windows
-------- Disable Program Tips
-------- HiTech on the Web / Internet
----------- HiTech Customer Support
----------- Visit the detailed website of this software
----------- Visit us at
-------- General Utilities
------------ Program Database Updation
------------ Set System Date
------------ Calendar
------------ Calculator
------------ Clock
------------ Play Wave Sound
-------- About HiTech Financial Accounting
-------- Context Sensitive Help
-------- Exit Program
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HiTech Accounting Software, Billing Software, Inventory Control Software for Various Business Segments - Some videos about accounting software

Customized Accounting Software and Website Development, Accounting software and Business Management software for Commodity Brokers, Commission Agents etc.
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Customized Accounting Software and Website Development, Accounting software and Business Management software for Commodity Brokers, Commission Agents etc.
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Financial Accounting and Inventory Control Software for Business, Financial Accounting and Business Management software for Commodity Brokers, Commision Agents.
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